The TKSA 51 shaft alignment tool provides high measurement flexibility and performance suitable for entry-level to expert alignment jobs.  Designed to work with the FREE shaft alignment apps on a tablet or smart phone, this intuitive tool is easy to use and requires no special training.

The included accessories enable use of the TKSA 51 for a wide range of alignment applications with horizontal and vertical shafts, such as motors, drives, fans, pumps, gearboxes and more.  The apps include tutorial videos to show operators how to perform accurate measurements.

  • Measurement flexibility – The well-known, three-position measurement gains additional flexibility as measurements can start at any angle and require a total minimal rotation of only 40 degrees.  This enables operators to perform alignments of applications with limited space.
  • Automatic reports – Alignment reports are generated automatically and can be customized with notes, a machine picture, and a signature via touchscreen.  The reports can be easily exported as PDF files and shared with other mobile apps.
  • Comprehensive and compact – A range of included components, such as magnetic mounting brackets and extension rods and chains, increase the TKSA 51’s versatility, yet it remains compact, lightweight, and easy to carry.
  • 3-D live view – This feature enables intuitive positioning of the heads for quick alignment measurements and displays the horizontal and vertical alignment alignment correction live.  The apps enable 3-D rotation of the virtual motor to correspond with the actual machine position view.
  • Disturbance compensation – Measurement values are averaged over time to provide greater accuracy in presence of external disturbances.
  • TKSA 51D comes with a rugged, industrial display device and pre-installed apps included.

TKSA 51 Available Apps

Shaft Alignment : Easy and Intuitive alignments of horizontal shafts with additional features including automatic measurement, minimal 40° total rotation, 9-12-3 guidance and alignment customization with target values.



Easy and intuitive alignment of vertical shaft machines with shimming support for different bolt configurations.




Assists technician in verifying that the machine is standing evenly on all four feet.  The app supports the operator identifying and correcting a soft foot.



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