Versatility and performance for professional alignment

Designed for professional alignment in harsh environments, the TKSA 71 is a cost effective, high-end shaft alignment tool.  The TKSA 71 has ultra-compact measuring units for use in extremely narrow spaces.  Dedicated software applications enable different types of alignments, including horizontal and vertical shafts, spacer shafts and machine trains.  Superior alignment performance and long-term industrial durability are achieved with an innovative instrument design that offers high measurement accuracy and excellent protection against dust and water in harsh environments.

TKSA 71 advantages

  • Easy-to-use – Intuitive software applications, guided alignment processes and explanatory videos.
  • Wide range of applications – Comprehensive accessories and dedicated software applications.
  • Superior alignment performance – Over 32 feet of measurement distance, disturbance compensation, measurement flexibility, only 40° total rotations required, automatic measurement and customized alignments with target values.
  • Protection against harsh environments – Completely sealed measuring units (IP67) to withstand dust and water.
  • Ultra-compact measuring units – Use in extremely narrow spaces.
  • Robust carrying case – Excellent protection, convenient transport and wireless in-case charging.

TKSA 71 and 71Pro

The TKSA 71 base model includes standard accessories to complete most alignments.

The TKSA 71 Pro includes additional accessories such as sliding brackets, magnetic bases, and offset brackets that are useful for the more demanding alignment jobs.  The 71 Pro is supplied in a larger, rugged trolley case.

Alignment Applications

The TKSA 71 functions quickly and intuitively using six software apps tailored for different alignment jobs.  Designed for use without prior training, these simple-to-use apps are available free of charge for both Android and iOS platforms.  Common features include comprehensive, automatic reports, export and sharing options, machine library with QR code identification, instructional videos within the app, built-in tolerance guidelines, 3-D live view, disturbance compensation and a fully functional demonstration mode.

Apps for use with TKSA 71:

Horizontal Shaft Alignment – Easy and intuitive alignments of horizontal shafts with additional features including automatic measurement, minimal 40° total rotation, 9-12-3 guidance and alignment customisation with target values.


Soft foot – Assists technician in verifying that machine is standing evenly on all four feet.  The apps supports the operator identifying and correcting soft foot.



Values – Allows the shaft alignment tool to be used as digital dial gauges; operators can record absolute, zeroed and halved readings to perform customized alignments with manual calculations.



Vertical Shaft Alignment – Easy and intuitive alignment of vertical shaft machines with shimming support for different bolt configurations.



Spacer Shaft Alignment – Accommodates special requirements of spacer shafts and facilitates the alignment process.



Machine Train Shaft Alignment – Enables operator to align three connected machines, giving a complete overview of machine train alignment and allowing the operator to select stationary feet.


Measuring Device: Measuring units (M & S) with standard V-bracket  (1), Wireless charging pods with USB cable (2),  Tape measure (3)

Standard Accessories: Extension chains (4), Extension rods (5), Mounting magnets (6)

Advanced Accessories: Sliding brackets (7), Offset brackets (8), Additional extension rods (9), Magnetic bases (10)

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