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The Ultraprobe® series has been linked to Predictive Maintenance and Energy Conservation for over thirty years. Each Ultraprobe is engineered to mue-logo-4jbeet the unique demands of the many applications and programs in which it is used. For this reason UE Systemsoffers a wide selection of instruments, accessories, custom systems, remote monitoring tools and software. There are analog and digital Ultraprobes, some with basic functions and others with powerful features such as frequency tuning, on-board data logging and on-board sound recording. We also have state-of-the-art Ultraprobes loaded with important features for accurate diagnosis such as on-board thermometer, camera and spectral analysis.

We invite you to review the information for each Ultraprobe to be sure to find the model that will meet your needs. You can also compare Ultraprobe features so you can ensure you pick the right instrument for your needs.

If you want to experience the capabilities of an Ultraprobe in your facility, contact us and request an on-site demonstration.

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